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House of Heroes CT Helps Current U.S. Army Reserve Captain in Manchester

House of Heroes CT teamed up with Pratt & Whitney employees and their children to help Nicodeme Sohahongkombe, a veteran who served in Afghanistan for six years from 2012 to 2018.

Today, he serves as a captain in the Army Reserve.

CPT Nicodeme Sohahongkombet

U.S. Army 2012-2018

U.S. Army Reserve 2018-Present

It is House of Heroes’ privilege to honor U.S. Army veteran and current U.S. Army Reserve Captain Nicodeme Sohahongkombet.A native of the Central African Republic, Nicodeme has packed a great deal of life into his 38 years and has grand plans to ac-complish much more.

Nicodeme spent his teenage years pursuing his studies in France, eventually coming to the U.S. at age 18 in 2003. Fol-lowing high school in Maryland he earned an undergraduate degree in environ-mental and social science from the University of Maryland, a master’s degree in healthcare administration from the University of Arizona, and his doctorate in business and healthcare administration from Northcentral University.

Then it was time for military service. Inspired by his father, an Army Master Sergeant, Nicodeme entered the Army in 2012 and served in Germany, Moroc-co and Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Honorably discharged in 2018 , Nicodeme is currently a Captain in the Army Reserve.

“It was always my dream to give back and serve this country,” he says.

Nicodeme is presently a District Manager with CVS and is pursuing another lifelong dream, that of giving back to his native Africa. He is in the earliest stag-es of gathering funding and partners to build a U.S.-model hospital in the Cen-tral African Republic.

Nicodeme and his wife Debora have six children, ranging in age from 15 to eight months.

On behalf of House of Heroes and our Project Partner Pratt & Whitney and the P&W-4-VETS Employee Resource Group, thank you, Nicodeme, for your service to our country.

See interview at the link below.



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