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House of Heroes Inc currently has 7 major chapters across the nation and is always looking to expand. HOH would love to spread across our great nation to help our veterans and their families who are in need of some helping hands to make sure they are protected and safe in their homes during their daily lives.
Chattahoochee Valley
Delaware Projects

The Chattahoochee Valley Chapter was the 1st Chapter founded in 2000. 

The Connecticut Chapter located in Hamden, CT was founded in 2012 by Bill May and Steve Cavanaugh. Together, with the help of family and friends, HOHCT envisions a expansion of HOH nation-wide with the CT Chapter setting the standard for new chapter development.

HOH_Chapter Map.png

HOH Delaware Projects was started in 2015 by Co-founder of HOHCT chapter Bill May, As a St. Mark's HS and University of Delaware Alum, Bill's vision is to expand this network for good. HOHDE is looking to bring this unique and valuable veteran service program to the First State. 

Middle Georgia

 HOH Middle Georgia Chapter officially began January 01, 2017. The official formation of the House of Heroes, Middle Georgia Chapter occurred December, 2016 when interested people met to hear the HOH story and voted unanimously to form The Middle Georgia Chapter. 

South Georgia

House of Heroes South Georgia Chapter was Launched in 2012.

Washington County , Iowa

When House of Heroes was founded, Wayne Anthony had asked Russ Parker to be the first Affiliate Chapter.  In 2002, Russ Parker brought House of Heroes from Columbus, Georgia all the way out to Washington, Iowa.  We are thrilled to be a part of this national organization, supported by the Congress of the United States. 

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