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Veteran Resources

Resources for All of Your Needs

House of Heroes CT provides invaluable resources for veterans, offering crucial support in maintaining their homes and ensuring their safety. These benefits encompass essential services such as home repairs, renovations, and safety upgrades, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and family.


House of Heroes CT recognizes the sacrifices made by veterans and strives to honor their service by providing them with a secure and comfortable living environment. By partnering with skilled professionals and volunteers, we deliver high-quality assistance, promoting independence and dignity for those who have served.

House of Heroes CT cannot help with other areas of veterans and their families lives but we can try to help point you in the right direction of others who can help where we do not offer expertise. Through this page we are hoping to connect veterans to various programs and initiatives, veterans can access benefits aimed at enhancing their living conditions and overall well-being.

On this page you will find resources that help Veterans to obtain resources they may not know about. Click each link for more information.

Senior Veteran Benefits Guide

Work Vessels for Vets

Request a free Veteran Red Cross home Safety Visit- free smoke alarms installed!

Click Here

Ultimate Guide to Goverment Aid for Seniors

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