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Our Year in 2022

As House of Heroes reached its 200th home repair in 2023, we are so thankful for the support of our donors, fundraisers, volunteers and skilled contractors who come to the rescue to help CT.

Veterans stay safely in their own homes. We have repaired decks, built ramps, repurposed ramps, installed windows, saved veterans from blight fees, installed doors and have helped veterans with

heating issues, and so much more. 


We have acquired new companies and groups that have donated their time and given monetary donations to help increase the number of projects possible in one year. The number of sponsored projects has increased this year to support more Veterans than ever, with more than 33 Veterans

served. Not only do we touch Veterans but the out reach to volunteers, companies, and families is

in the thousands.


Our grant with Stanley Black and Decker, Building the Trades, has allowed us to provide mini training lessons and carpentry classes to more than 125 students and young adults that might have an interest in the trades. With Stanley's help, we are influencing students to experience the tools of the trade and what may be possible for their future endeavours. Building the trades, one project at a time!

At House of Heroes we are so proud of our accomplishments, but most importantly we are proud to honor service with service for our Veterans.  These are men and women who may have never been thanked and just need that extra support to stay in their homes. The best part of the day comes when you can say thank you for your service at our ceremonies at each project.


Veterans Served


New Sponsors


New Volunteers


Student Volunteers


Veterans Served since 2012

What our Veterans have to say about HOHCT

HOHCT surveys their Veterans after each job.  Below are the results of the 2023 Veteran surveys.

(Please note that surveys are returned at an 83% rate)


Overall Experience of the day: 100% satisfaction 


Recommendations to others: 100% satisfaction


Additional Comments:


William: Can Never thank you enough.  You restored my faith in humanity

Conrad: Very pleased with the results

Richard: Beautiful day, beautiful weather

Luther: I am very grateful to HOH for the no-cost home improvements. I wish all Veterans could have the experience I had with HOH.

Jessica: 110% best thing to happen to me in a long time.  Thank you!

Deb: You really made Francis’s day. At supper he asked me to bring him his flag and medal.  He is so proud of them.

Daniel: Best experience I ever had.  Thank you so much!


US Army Veteran 
SP4 William Pemberton

Get to Know William

With the Vietnam War ramping up, Bill headed to war and served as a 1st Cavalry Division crew chief and door gunner aboard a UH-1 “Huey” Medevac helicopter. Bill served nine and a half months in Vietnam, and he and his “Dustoff” crew were responsible for rescuing and saving the lives of numerous GIs wounded on the battlefield. During one of these dangerous missions Bill suffered a service-ending injury.With his crew under heavy fire, his Huey started to go down and Bill jumped, severely injuring his knee. Fortunately he was rescued before the Viet Cong could reach him.

“I wasn’t going to let that happen,” he says.HOH is delighted to Honor him for his service to our country!

Our 2022 Standout Sponsors

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