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We Are

Raising money for Veterans

by jumping out of planes!


7th Annual Freedom Jump Skydive for Veterans

Ellington, CT

Saturday September 9th, 2023

*** Rain Date 9/10/2023 ***

Ever wanted to skydive?

Come join us in “jumping out of perfectly good airplanes” to raise money for our veterans! Raise $500 and jump for FREE

Click here to register

You will be supplied by email with fundraising sheets and flyer to show your sponsors. There is a $50 nonrefundable registration fee to guarantee a jump spot. $50 Registration fee will be considered part of your $500 “Jumper Challenge” funds raised.  We recommend getting in your registration fee ASAP to hold a spot.  Registration fee deadline is 8/1/19.

If you have any questions before you would like to register, please use our “Contact Us” page and we will be happy to answer them for you.

All proceeds go to House of Heroes CT & Work Vessels For Vets. They do amazing jobs taking care of our vets and we are honored to do our part. Check them out!

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What to Expect…

CT Parachutists INC Guidelines and Requirements:

How High Do We Jump From?

Weather permitting we will be jumping from Aprox. 14,000 ft. Weather and different aircraft may not allow us to reach full Altitude on some days or flights.

Who Can Make A Skydive?

Tandem Skydiving is available to anyone who is in good general physical health and meets the basic age and weight requirements (see below). Individuals with physical limitations or disabilities can often be accomodated; please call for more information or consult your instructor when you arrive. We cannot skydive with anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What Are The Age Requirements?

The minimum age to make a skydive is 18. There are no exceptions.

There is no maximum age for a jumper, anyone who meets the health and weight criteria is eligible to jump.

What Are The Weight Requirements?

The maximum allowable weight for a jumper is 230 lbs. We will verify your weight when you arrive.

What Should I Wear?

Come in comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the season. Sneakers or tennis shoes are the preferred footwear, you cannot jump in open-toed shoes, sandals, high-heels, or tall boots with metal hooks.

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