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Lockheed Martin ADK 46 Challenge 2021

Fundraiser for House of Heroes Connecticut

The ADK 46

As a Military Veterans Charitable Initiative, High Peaks challenges those in proximity to the Adirondacks Region in Northeastern New York to top all 46 high peaks in a single day in support of local veterans in need.

What is the ADK High Peaks Challenge? 

Veterans and supporters are challenged to put teams of hikers on regional mountain or hill top summits in celebration of Military Service.  In a coordinated fashion, hiking teams summit to display signs commemorating past or current service personnel.  Team members also contribute to a local veteran or military charity of choice and Lockheed Martin maximizes the impact with a matching contribution.

High Peaks events will be conducted wherever there is a regional interest. In the US and Canadian regions near the Adirondacks in New York, collaborating Mil Vet Chapters will summit all forty-six Adirondacks high peaks in a single day. The hiking teams, grouped by ability and personal preference, will depart various trail heads concurrently to ascend one or more peak, rain or shine. Other mountainous regions may be able to model and adapt the Adirondacks event to local conditions. Regions without appreciable high peaks may opt for any safe promontories or destinations of note that are popular with hikers. No regions are exempt, even Florida has a 345' high point, Britton Hill.

August 7th, 2021

Hikers will depart various trail heads to ascend one or more peaks on Saturday, August 7th, rain or shine.


Thank you for Making a Difference in a Day! 

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